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Castagna © Dina Avila (1 of 4)

Castagna © Dina Avila (4 of 4)

Castagna © Dina Avila (2 of 4)

©dinaavila (3 of 7) ©dinaavila (4 of 7)

Castagna © Dina Avila (3 of 4)

©dinaavila (1 of 1)

As promised, here’s my third spread in Art Culinaire Magazine’s 108th volume. Eating Justin Woodward’s food at Castagna is a must for any Portland visit. Fresh vegetable heavy – as in grown the restaurants garden out back – Justin’s food is precise, modern, delicious and, lest we forget, absolutely gorgeous.

I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday season and I will see you all in the New Year!



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Le Pigeon © Dina Avila-9

Le Pigeon © Dina Avila-5

Le Pigeon © Dina Avila-8

Le Pigeon © Dina Avila-10

Le Pigeon © Dina Avila-11

Le Pigeon © Dina Avila-2

Le Pigeon © Dina Avila-12

Le Pigeon © Dina Avila-13

Le Pigeon © Dina Avila

Le Pigeon © Dina Avila-4

All images © Dina Avila

As promised, here’s the second installment from my spread, including a few outtakes, in Art Culinaire. Meet Gabriel Rucker, Chef of Le Pigeon.


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