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Some days you’re just lucky. Beauty falls in your lap and it asks you to make some pictures of it. That’s how I felt when Celeste and Estelle approached me for a few portraits they wanted made for their Grandmother. Oops, the pictures are for their Mom!

Office ladies by day, ballerinas by night, their unique beauty made it easy. We were blessed with a grey but dry morning, and a little tromping in the mud in the beautiful park across the street from their flat gave us backdrops to spare.

I’ve never spent much time with twins. Honestly, they’ve always weirded me out a little. I’m not sure why. I’ve never even had a Diane Arbus curiosity about them, which surprises even me. But spending time with Celeste and Estelle has changed everything. I find I’m curious about twins now, but not in a freak-show sort of way. They have their own language, and, I found, their own individual beauty. I knew Celeste first, and I when I first met Estelle I thought I was talking to Celeste. I truly couldn’t tell them apart, and frankly, that made me a tiny bit uncomfortable. Mostly, I think, it was because I didn’t want to offend one by mistaking her for the other. Social faux pas, as it were. It’s funny what a little education can change.

My interest in twins has grown into a desire to explore not just their similarities, but their differences as well. The way Estelle’s mouth tenses a little more the Celeste’s when she talks. Or how Celeste’s eyes has a subtle street-smarts gaze that I didn’t notice in Estelle’s. At the same time, their postures and willowy bodies are mirrored in each other.

I hope my photography did them justice.


PS If there are any twins out there interested in exploring the more unique backdrops of Portland, please send me a note!


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